Message Credibility

I recently became obsessed (and completely annoyed) with errors in people’s writing, no matter the outlet. Mispelling and errors are extremly disstracting and their inapropriate in all cases.

(It was hard for me to just type that and leave it.)

I just do not understand how someone could send out messages, published under their name, with so many errors. I guess from my PR background, I think that they lose all credibility.

One of the biggest cases I notice, and most annoying to me, is the messages sent throughout my job. When my regional manager sends emails to my general manager, they are printed and posted so that all workers know what is going on. The emails are mostly about changes to procedure, like lessening certain ingredient amounts on pizzas, and other things that affect everyone. There are ridiculous and multiple spelling and grammatical errors in his messages, and they are then posted for the entire workplace to see. Would you not be concerned with your credibility?

Another example is when the CEO sent out a type of newsletter highlighting small changes that can be made to routine to help save the company money. While reading over it at work today, I noticed a few spelling errors, and in one place “an” was typed instead of “and”. I know that everyone is human and makes mistakes, but if this is supposed to be disseminated to thousands of people, would you not make sure it is perfect?

Finally, we have charts that show how to make items such as brownies and other salads to go on our salad bar. They are sent to every store and posted for everyone to follow. I look at about four of the charts total, and I located one spelling error on each one.


This is what goes through my mind every time I see an error. Are the errors due to speed, or do people working at the top of my company really not know the conventions of the English language? I don’t know, but they definitely lose credibility in my eyes, and wonder how many other people notice and think the same thing.

Or maybe that’s just the PR in me.

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2 Responses to Message Credibility

  1. mwil89 says:

    The biggest thing that I can’t stand (and actually is a turn off ladies) is when people talk or text me and use stupid misspellings or abbreviations. “Hey Mike! WUTS UP!? I kno wut we should do after class 2morrow!” Not only does this appear in text messages, but in actual corporate emails too! It’s crazy! I think it’s even harder to read then just writing out the abbreviation…

  2. yxl81090 says:

    I agree. I understand that grammatical errors are humane, but when you are sending a message to multiple receivers, proofreading is a must. If people would just take a couple minutes to proofread, the chances of making mistakes are low. This is a great call for all of us who will soon be entering the real world. Our writing will be scrutinized for errors by many other professionals in the field, and none of us would want to risk our credibility.

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