Madonna’s Halftime show

So it was just minutes ago that Madonna concluded her halftime Super Bowl show, and instantly social media was blowing up. I personally have a Twitter and Facebook and a logged into both shortly after and there were dozens of posts about the performance. Most people said she was bad but some people enjoyed. The people who enjoyed I noticed were either older or women.

I know in my house we were discussing the choice of Madonna as the halftime performer and I’m gonna be honest I don’t really understand it. I feel the halftime show is now focused on the viewers at home as opposed to the people in the stands. Because it is easily known that the majority of fans at the Super Bowl are males, most males don’t want to watch Madonna perform, but for the women at home Madonna’s performance along with the commercials are probably the only thing they were looking forward to during the Super Bowl.

Therefore when I think of it as a football fan I don’t understand the choice of Madonna being the halftime performer even with guest appearances by Nikki Minaj or Celo Green, I don’t feel like adding them helped her case much. (Personally I think their presence made her feel younger, but that is just me) But looking at the choice from a PR standpoint, everyone wins, the fans in the stands are satisfied by the game (if their team wins that is… GO GIANTS!), the men at home are also satisfied by the game for the same reasons, and the women who might have spent their day making appetizers and are forced to give up the remote are happy that they got to watch their childhood icon, Madonna perform.

–Raysha Sally


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One Response to Madonna’s Halftime show

  1. lillianmisko says:

    It was not a satisfying half-time show at all. It kept my attention, but it did not make sense. And she is over the age of 50!… would you say her performance was age appropriate for a 50-year-old to do? She probably did not have a choice. Maybe she enjoyed it, I don’t know. It just was not a good performance.


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