Super Bowl Commercials

One of the best parts about the Super Bowl is the commercials. However, it seems as if the commercials are getting worse and less effective each year. Would you agree, or is it just me?

There were few commercials that I even enjoyed. It seems as if the commercial messages have been drowned in strategic thinking. Since there are so many advertisements nowadays the goal has been, “How do we make our advertisement stand out?” Because of this many advertisements use the “unexpected” and “surprise” approach to their messages in order to make them memorable. But I would argue that that is not the best line of thinking when coming up with a commercial for the Super Bowl. A better line of thinking would be, “How do we clearly communicate our desired message in a memorable way?” I say this because the majority of commercials seem to be so unexpectedly wild. The downfall to making commercials as such, is the message easily gets lost.

So many commercials did not communicate their messages to me. I would catch myself thinking, “Oh, again they used the ‘surprise’ or ‘sex’ tactic to gain attention.”

Again, would you agree or is it just me? What commercial messages do you best remember and why?

With care,

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Madonna’s Halftime show

So it was just minutes ago that Madonna concluded her halftime Super Bowl show, and instantly social media was blowing up. I personally have a Twitter and Facebook and a logged into both shortly after and there were dozens of posts about the performance. Most people said she was bad but some people enjoyed. The people who enjoyed I noticed were either older or women.

I know in my house we were discussing the choice of Madonna as the halftime performer and I’m gonna be honest I don’t really understand it. I feel the halftime show is now focused on the viewers at home as opposed to the people in the stands. Because it is easily known that the majority of fans at the Super Bowl are males, most males don’t want to watch Madonna perform, but for the women at home Madonna’s performance along with the commercials are probably the only thing they were looking forward to during the Super Bowl.

Therefore when I think of it as a football fan I don’t understand the choice of Madonna being the halftime performer even with guest appearances by Nikki Minaj or Celo Green, I don’t feel like adding them helped her case much. (Personally I think their presence made her feel younger, but that is just me) But looking at the choice from a PR standpoint, everyone wins, the fans in the stands are satisfied by the game (if their team wins that is… GO GIANTS!), the men at home are also satisfied by the game for the same reasons, and the women who might have spent their day making appetizers and are forced to give up the remote are happy that they got to watch their childhood icon, Madonna perform.

–Raysha Sally

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The Woman in Black, Starring Harry Potter?

This past Friday, my best friend and I went to the movies to go see The Woman in Black, a horror film starring Daniel Radcliffe. Immediately after the movie began I found it extremely, beyond difficult to focus on the plot of the story because all I saw was Harry Potter.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years, Daniel Radcliffe plays the starring role (Harry Potter) in J.K Rowling’s popular series, Harry Potter. Having grown up with Harry Potter, and Harry Potter being Daniel Radcliffe’s first major movie role ever, I, as well as many others, cannot separate Daniel from Harry. His co-star, Emma Watson (who played Hermione in the series) has made a somewhat more successful transition into Hollywood, having done various movies roles, and even has an endorsement deal with Burberry! However, Daniel is still Harry Potter.

Once I noticed how distracted I was from the film because of Harry Potter, my PR senses began to tingle; Why isn’t Bruce Willis always Die Hard? Why isn’t Harrison For always Indiana Jones? What different approach did Emma take to brand herself after having already been branded as the witty girl from Hogwarts?; And what steps should Harry, I mean Daniel, take to separate himself from the series?

When it is all said and done, Harry Potter was, and still is one of the most successful phenomena to come out of Hollywood, and I am sure Daniel is proud of his accomplishments. But how much further do you think his career will go? Can he be considered a “serious” actor apart from the Harry Potter series?

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The Super Bowl Admeter

I figured I should beat the rush and post my blog about the Super Bowl now before everyone else does.  I found this website on The USA Today that promoted a sneak peek to some of the super bowl commercials.  The page is called the Super Bowl Admeter.  From what I understand, this page contains all of the super bowl ads that will be shown.  During and after the game viewers can visit the site and rate the ads and vote on their favorites.

At first I was surprised to see that all of these companies agreed to release their ads early in full length form. But the more I think about it, it’s a chance for more publicity before the big game on Sunday.  Fans can now say “did you see ____ commercial?” and instead of searching through countless videos on YouTube after the game, they can sit and anticipate seeing it during the game.

This is great for all parties involved.  The fans get more excitement and are able to vote on their favorite commercial.  The companies build their publicity for the promotions with the anticipation of knowing what ads are coming with a chance at more media impressions. The USA Today is channeling all this traffic.  In addition to that, the nationwide online voting contest for ads provides instant feedback to all the companies that has ads during the Super Bowl.  They will know how well their ads did compared to other companies. The best part is, they don’t have to pay for it.  This is a great form of secondary research that the companies can use for future commercials and campaigns.

The USA Today made a great public relations and marketing move to get this Admeter on their site.  It will drive a lot of traffic and media impressions to their online newspaper.

I haven’t watched all the videos to be able to make a fair vote.  But I don’t think I need to because the ad with Adriana Lima wins my heart already.

Which ad is your favorite?  Which one do you think had the most impact on the audience?

-Eric Hughey



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Susan G. Komen Pulled Funding..Then brought it back

Recently in the news the breast cancer awareness charity Susan G. Komen has found themselves under fire. Susan G. Komen used to give grant money to Planned Parenthood, a place where women can do all things from receive birth control to get a mammogram and now Susan G. Komen has pulled their grant money from them.

Mollie Williams, executive director of the Los Angeles chapter and Dr. Kathy Plesser a radiologist on the Komen medical board said they plan to resign in protest of the money getting pulled from Planned Parenthood.

Susan G. Komen released a statement saying, “That we have adopted a new rule against partnering with organizations that are under investigation.” Planned Parenthood is currently under investigation by Congress.

The article said that women’s health groups and the public are really pushing for Susan G. Komen to reverse its decision and continue to support Planned Parenthood.

In my opinion, I think they should reverse their decision! I mean Planned Parenthood is a place where women can get checked for breast cancer if maybe they can’t afford to go somewhere else and isn’t that was Susan G. Komen stresses to get checked, get  your daughters checked etc.

Do you think this was a bad PR move on the part of Susan G. Komen? Do you think that they will reverse their choice to take away the grant money?

Katie Douglas

After I got done writing this and posting it, Susan G. Komen decided to reverse their decision and decide to continue to fund Planned Parenthood. Komen apologized to Planned Parenthood after the article said, “massive public backlash.” Now that is fast PR.

Here is the article showing more information about the reversal of the decision.

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Celebs getting paid to Tweet?

When looking for something to blog about I came across this article about celebs like Kim K getting paid to tweet, and obviously being a PR major this interested me. After reading the article I found out celebs like Kim K, Charlie Sheen, and Snoop Dog are making tens of thousands of dollars to tweet to endorse certain companies. Some of those companies include CVS,, Toyota, Best Buy and American Airlines.

When you think about it though that is a very smart move by the companies. Using high followed celebs means you can get the word out that much quicker. Social medias like Twitter make fans feel as if they are connected with their favorite celerity, therefore if you love Kim K and she goes to CVS you might switch your prescriptions to CVS, it is that easy. Companies using this to their advantage is a extremely smart move. It just shows us once again how much influence Social Media plays in our lives today and how much it plays a part in the profession we are all choosing to peruse.

I know if I got paid 10Grand to tweet I would be tweeting and endorsing all the time!


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Instagram: Getting Artsy at the White House

Instagram, the newest “trendy” photo sharing application has found itself in headlines across the nation when First Lady, Michelle Obama invited Brazilian native, founder Mike Krieger to the President’s State of the Union Address as her personal guest last Friday.

Instagram is a free photo sharing application that allows you to take pictures on your phone, add filters, share via Facebook and Twitter, as well as follow and “like” other Instagram users photos in a user friendly format.

In my opinion, this application was created by a PR genius. What better way to reach an audience than through visual stimulation? Let’s face it, you can influence an audience and they have no idea because your message is attractive, its pleasing, and it doesn’t seem like any work to them at all. It can be directly linked to social media, and the pictures are insightful and personal. It’s meeting the wants, and needs of consumers and it is a deadly tool for any campaign.

Take the White House for example, the Obama 2012 staff has highlighted the “behind the scenes” look of Barack Obama’s campaign trail. Obama 2012 staff is utilizing Instagram and adding more and more pictures each day of students campaigning on the streets, crowds rallied around him in support at speaking events, and even chatting with supporters over a private lunch. Instagram is a gateway into a new technologically based grassroots type of campaign, reaching every day people, all across the nation.

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