The Super Bowl Admeter

I figured I should beat the rush and post my blog about the Super Bowl now before everyone else does.  I found this website on The USA Today that promoted a sneak peek to some of the super bowl commercials.  The page is called the Super Bowl Admeter.  From what I understand, this page contains all of the super bowl ads that will be shown.  During and after the game viewers can visit the site and rate the ads and vote on their favorites.

At first I was surprised to see that all of these companies agreed to release their ads early in full length form. But the more I think about it, it’s a chance for more publicity before the big game on Sunday.  Fans can now say “did you see ____ commercial?” and instead of searching through countless videos on YouTube after the game, they can sit and anticipate seeing it during the game.

This is great for all parties involved.  The fans get more excitement and are able to vote on their favorite commercial.  The companies build their publicity for the promotions with the anticipation of knowing what ads are coming with a chance at more media impressions. The USA Today is channeling all this traffic.  In addition to that, the nationwide online voting contest for ads provides instant feedback to all the companies that has ads during the Super Bowl.  They will know how well their ads did compared to other companies. The best part is, they don’t have to pay for it.  This is a great form of secondary research that the companies can use for future commercials and campaigns.

The USA Today made a great public relations and marketing move to get this Admeter on their site.  It will drive a lot of traffic and media impressions to their online newspaper.

I haven’t watched all the videos to be able to make a fair vote.  But I don’t think I need to because the ad with Adriana Lima wins my heart already.

Which ad is your favorite?  Which one do you think had the most impact on the audience?

-Eric Hughey



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3 Responses to The Super Bowl Admeter

  1. rachelnevels says:

    this is a cool feature for the Superbowl! Because personally I always find that one commercial I enjoy and search it on YouTube so I can watch it again; but now they are readily available. Although I think they should have waited to do so until after the Superbowl, maybe even a day or two before.

  2. rbs05900 says:

    You would like the ad and I’m sure many men took close note to that add. Anyway, I think this feature is awesome. It is a great way for fans to feed back to the companies so they can improve their ads and maybe even make their dollar go further next year, it is also convenient for those who watch the game for the commercials.


  3. lillianmisko says:

    That is a great feature. I wished I heard about it sooner. This does seem like a great tactic for the companies. Personally, many of the commercials seemed so jammed packed with information that I would have found them more effective if I saw them previously (check out my blog for more about that topic).


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