Hell Hath No Fury, Like a Woman with Access to the Internet.


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2 Responses to Hell Hath No Fury, Like a Woman with Access to the Internet.

  1. Keri Cerda says:

    I agree that this was definitely not appropriate for the workplace. It’s okay to express opinions about other people, but doing so in such a permanent way is unprofessional, especially since it was during work hours and using work supplies. I understand the need to vent, but work is not the time or place to do that. Go for lunch, dinner, drinks, etc. Don’t do that at work because not only does that make you look unprofessional, but as in this situation it implicates the whole company and can damage their credibility and reputation.

    I always try to keep a professional mindset about everything. I don’t want one mistake to define me for the rest of my life, so it’s best to make sure that any mistakes are minor and not major. I am always monitoring what I say and do. I have my Facebook settings to have me approve any thing I’m tagged in before it will show up on my profile(timeline). One of my professors said a few weeks ago, the best way to make sure that you don’t slip up in a professional setting is to stop doing those things all together. (This was referencing swearing during a presentation.)

  2. Sweet vlog! I definitely think people need to be careful with what they write on the internet. Private emails, or anything. You never know what could get leaked.

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