Remembering Al Davis

If you’re a sports fan it probably didn’t take you long to hear the news about the Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis. Davis died Saturday morning at the age of 82. Many will remember Davis for his flashy clothes and extreme desire to win. But many will forget how he got to where he was today, and the impact he has had on the success of the National Football League.

Al Davis was the first player in the NFL to become an owner. He started his career as a player then moved to a coach, general manager, partial owner of the Oakland Raiders, to majority owner. His work ethic and desire to win showed through on the football field for the Raiders. He was apart of 3 Superbowl titles as owner and his impact on the Raiders organization will last forever. He as signed many of the greatest players and coaches in NFL history. Marcus Allen, Howie Long, Art Shell, Tim Brown, and John Madden are just a few of the many Hall of Fame players and coaches that call the Oakland Raiders their team.

Many today believe that Al Daivs belongs on football’s so called “Mount Rushmore” as one of the founding members of the original AFL that later combined with the NFL to form one league. Along with form Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt, Davis impact on the AFL and now NFL is ever-present. Known for his famous slogan, “Just Win Baby” Davis was always known for his love the throwing the long ball. His teams were always known as the toughest, nastiest, and often dirtiest teams in the NFL. Many believed this attitude came from the owner of the Raiders Al Davis himself. The loss of Davis is not only felt in Oakland but across the entire NFL. As a sign of respect the Oakland Raiders and Houston Texas observed a moment of silence of honor of the late great owner. Although many felt he was losing control of his team and organization as he became older, the loss of Davis will greatly impact the NFL brand.

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