The Woman in Black, Starring Harry Potter?

This past Friday, my best friend and I went to the movies to go see The Woman in Black, a horror film starring Daniel Radcliffe. Immediately after the movie began I found it extremely, beyond difficult to focus on the plot of the story because all I saw was Harry Potter.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years, Daniel Radcliffe plays the starring role (Harry Potter) in J.K Rowling’s popular series, Harry Potter. Having grown up with Harry Potter, and Harry Potter being Daniel Radcliffe’s first major movie role ever, I, as well as many others, cannot separate Daniel from Harry. His co-star, Emma Watson (who played Hermione in the series) has made a somewhat more successful transition into Hollywood, having done various movies roles, and even has an endorsement deal with Burberry! However, Daniel is still Harry Potter.

Once I noticed how distracted I was from the film because of Harry Potter, my PR senses began to tingle; Why isn’t Bruce Willis always Die Hard? Why isn’t Harrison For always Indiana Jones? What different approach did Emma take to brand herself after having already been branded as the witty girl from Hogwarts?; And what steps should Harry, I mean Daniel, take to separate himself from the series?

When it is all said and done, Harry Potter was, and still is one of the most successful phenomena to come out of Hollywood, and I am sure Daniel is proud of his accomplishments. But how much further do you think his career will go? Can he be considered a “serious” actor apart from the Harry Potter series?


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One Response to The Woman in Black, Starring Harry Potter?

  1. rbs05900 says:

    I was actually watching TV the other day, The Talk I think was the show and Daniel was on there and he was talking about his transition and how it has been difficult for him as well as fans. He said he took on the more serious role to move away from being Harry Potter and being known as Daniel. He also joked that it took a while for people to stop calling him Harry and begin to actually call him Daniel.


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