Celebs getting paid to Tweet?

When looking for something to blog about I came across this article about celebs like Kim K getting paid to tweet, and obviously being a PR major this interested me. After reading the article I found out celebs like Kim K, Charlie Sheen, and Snoop Dog are making tens of thousands of dollars to tweet to endorse certain companies. Some of those companies include CVS, ShoeDazzle.com, Toyota, Best Buy and American Airlines.

When you think about it though that is a very smart move by the companies. Using high followed celebs means you can get the word out that much quicker. Social medias like Twitter make fans feel as if they are connected with their favorite celerity, therefore if you love Kim K and she goes to CVS you might switch your prescriptions to CVS, it is that easy. Companies using this to their advantage is a extremely smart move. It just shows us once again how much influence Social Media plays in our lives today and how much it plays a part in the profession we are all choosing to peruse.

I know if I got paid 10Grand to tweet I would be tweeting and endorsing all the time!




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I am a Jr. PR major @UCM
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3 Responses to Celebs getting paid to Tweet?

  1. prassistant says:

    That is awesome, I didn’t know that. I wish I could get paid to tweet, I’d be tweeting away. This is a great stately I wonder who was the first company to think about this.

  2. douglasked says:

    I did not know this but I can’t say that I am surprised! I feel like celebrities get paid so much money to wear certain clothes, be at certain clubs and now tweet. It just bother me that these people make so much money in probably two days for doing nothing and that amount of money could pay off my college!!!

    Katie Douglas

  3. rachelnevels says:

    I’m not surprised celebrities get paid to tweet, I actually figured some of them did. I tweet for free and I know I’ve brought attention to certain artist, clothing items, movies ect. So this is a smart move for companies to pay these people to promote their products via social networking…even though many people do it for free.

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