Super Bowl Commercials

One of the best parts about the Super Bowl is the commercials. However, it seems as if the commercials are getting worse and less effective each year. Would you agree, or is it just me?

There were few commercials that I even enjoyed. It seems as if the commercial messages have been drowned in strategic thinking. Since there are so many advertisements nowadays the goal has been, “How do we make our advertisement stand out?” Because of this many advertisements use the “unexpected” and “surprise” approach to their messages in order to make them memorable. But I would argue that that is not the best line of thinking when coming up with a commercial for the Super Bowl. A better line of thinking would be, “How do we clearly communicate our desired message in a memorable way?” I say this because the majority of commercials seem to be so unexpectedly wild. The downfall to making commercials as such, is the message easily gets lost.

So many commercials did not communicate their messages to me. I would catch myself thinking, “Oh, again they used the ‘surprise’ or ‘sex’ tactic to gain attention.”

Again, would you agree or is it just me? What commercial messages do you best remember and why?

With care,

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