The Pro Bowl

Whether you watched it or no, tonight was the NFL’s annual Pro Bowl.  The All star game that, for the most part, is set in Hawaii every year.  As I watched the first quarter, I noticed something about the game.  The players, wanting to avoid injury, were playing at almost half speed.  Usually in the Pro Bowl, the players don’t go all in, but tonight it was apparent that no one really cared.

It got me thinking, if the players don’t really value the Pro Bowl, what is its value?  I think the answer is a simple.  The Pro Bowl is all about media attention making money one final week before (or in the past after) the Super Bowl.  I don’t think it is about expanding the NFL Brand, because it has been in Hawaii so many times, the people there probably expect it, and know that the NFL will probably never put a franchise in the state.

I think the NFL goes about the Pro Bowl all wrong.  Having it in Hawaii, I’m guessing for the best players in the league, is exciting, but once they get older, is probably less exciting because they don’t want to play.  Because the tradition is Hawaii, I think it’s time they start moving it different places every year.  Expand the brand to other parts of the country, different countries in general, or even instead of having the London game in the middle of the season, have the Pro Bowl there.

The Pro Bowl, I think has gotten stale, and people don’t enjoy it.  And if the NFL wants a certain kind of attention from fans and media, they need to fix it.


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Facebook Changes…..Again

You may have heard that the ever-changing social networking site Facebook is changing once again. A few weeks ago Facebook announced that all of its user’s profiles will be changed to the timeline layout and that the old profile layout will soon no longer be an option. Well, in even bigger news, today Facebook announced that the change will happen in just 7 days. For those of you that don’t know, the timeline feature of Facebook will allow your friends to see your status updates and photographs from as far back as 2004 when the social networking site was created. Even though Facebook insists that the changes will not affect the privacy settings of its users, people have become worried about just how much of their information Facebook will make accessible to their friends.

In response, Facebook is allowing users to use that 7 days before the timeline feature goes live on their website to remove anything from their profile that they may not want others to see from when they first joined Facebook. I don’t know about you guys, but that really doesn’t offer me a peace of mind. I was a sophomore or junior in high school when I first joined Facebook and I’m sure I may have posted some things that I would not want bought back up today. Not only do I feel as though the new timeline feature is a risk to privacy, but it is also sort of all over the place and confusing to use.

Like many of you, I enjoy using Facebook. I use it daily, so it’s a bit frustrating that every time I get used to a new feature Facebook decides to make an unnecessary change that doesn’t seem to do anything but confuse its users. I think someone needs to remind Facebook of the phrase “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

-Sheniece Martin

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Stable Enough for Investments?

Although Facebook originated in a college dorm of Harvard, it has expanded to employ 3,000 and serve an audience of more than 800 million people.

It has just been announced that Facebook is going through the process of filing for their IPO. What is an “IPO” you ask? It is an Initial Public Offering. In more common words, it is, “The first sale of stock by a private company to the public” This will give an opportunity for individuals, companies, etc. to buy stocks and invest into Facebook. Some seem to be quite excited about this news, “The IPO, seen as the ‘defining moment for the latest Web investing boom,’ could raise as much as US$ 10 billion, pegging the value of the company at between US$ 75 billion and US$ 100 billion. . . Facebook’s 10-billion-dollar IPO would rank it as the fourth biggest public offering in US history after Visa, General Motors and AT&T.”

This sounds like great news, but it makes me question if Facebook is a wise and stable thing to invest in in the first place. Already, IPO’s can be a risky. By taking a glance at history, it is evident how the popularity of social networks is never constant. For example, do you remember Xanga or even Myspace? Both use to be very popular, but are not so much now. Of course Xanga and/or Myspace never grew to be as popular as facebook, but it proves the point that things come and go. I bet Facebook is really working hard, working hard to keep the attention of users and never turn into the “old thing.”

Put your strategic brains on: Do you think Facebook would be a wise investment? If you worked for Facebook, how would you publicize that Facebook is a wise investment?
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With care,

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The Queen of Cooking is Now Minus a Publicist

We all have heard of Mrs. Paula Deen, cooking fanatic. But have you heard that Mrs. Deen recently announced that she has diabetes. Who would have thought? A woman who cooks delicious food that’s high in well…everything, no one could have ever saw this coming, right?!

What Mrs. Deen may not have seem coming was her publicist of six years quitting right after the diabetes announcement went public. Now it’s still a little up in the air exactly why she quit but every day its becoming a little more clear. After Deen announced she had diabetes she decided to endorse a diabetic pharmaceutical drug that helps with diabetes. This is when her publicist chose to quit. Her publicist then released this statement to the New York Post, “Although we had a great deal of fun along the way, I could not agree with the new business strategy going forward. Nonetheless, I wish them continued success.”

So clearly she quit because she didn’t agree with Deen’s choice of endorsement. Why do you think that is? Do you think it is because Deen is really in the food industry and not in the pharmaceutical drug industry? Or do you think there is more behind why she didn’t agree with her endorsement?

Katie Douglas

Here is the link to the article

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Could You Dress Rihanna?

Everybody’s favorite bad girl Rihanna is set to have her own reality TV show with the Sky Living HD network, a UK television station, to find Britain’s “next generation of raw, undiscovered designer talent”. Not only is Rihanna going to be appearing in this series, she is also going to executive produce the show. Rihanna has made her mark on the US Fashion scene as the sexy femme fatal from Barbados; not only is her style edgy and exotic but so her her personality. Her style and personality go hand in hand. Every girl aspires to have some characteristics of a Bad Girl such as Rihanna; in the 80’s there was Madonna, the 90’s had Brittany Spears and now theres Rihanna. From a PR point of view these stars are certainly more than just women with addictive personalities and amazing style, they are brands! When you think of Rihanna, you think of cutting edge, whacky, and sexy!  As a fan and a PR student I applaud Rihanna on her efforts to continue to build her image and expand her brand.

Click here to read more a bout RIhanna’s television show!

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Juice Up!

Juice Box in actionA new invention has hit the market that will help all of those cell phone users that have a battery life of a whopping three hours.  The “Juice Box” is a small, wall mounted, electronic device and is very similar to a food vending machine.  It is credit card operated and has seven available doors for cell phones to be charged.  The Juice Box’s aesthetic appeal is very pleasing as well.  It has a modern design with stainless steel and seven doors with a green, glowing light inside of each door.  It is very futuristic and eye catching.

To use: simply swipe your credit card, find the appropriate charger cord for your cell phone, connect and close the door.  You have unlimited time and when you see your phone is charged, swipe your card again, the door will open, and remove your phone.  There is a two dollar flat rate per use or charge.

The idea was actually created by two bartenders in New York who were tired of charging their customers’ cell phones behind the bar. Jack Phelps is the Chief Operating Officer that helped Juice Box come to life.

I think this is such a great idea and invention but it is so simple at the same time.  Yes a lot of people carry chargers on them or in their brief case, but there is still a large majority of people always in need of some “juice”.  I think the faster Juice Box can gather a PR team and start a campaign, the better off they will be in gaining profit.  They hope to eventually gain advertising revenue to overcome the low two dollar flat rate per use.

If I was the PR person for this company I would have a slogan such as, “Always connected when you can’t be”.  Another good slogan would be “No Laptop?  No Charger?  No Problem!” What would your slogan be?

For more information go to the Juice Box Home Page or read about it on Mashable.

-Eric Hughey

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There’s Always Next Year…Or the Next.

I am going to be the first person to say. The Kansas City Royals will not make the postseason in 2012.

As a blind and loyal Royals’ fan, I have continued to remain optimistic year after year, struggle after struggle. The recent of development of potential stars such as Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas provides hope for the future. Our core group of young players would make any organization excited. The addition of starting pitcher Jonathan Sanchez provided excitement to fans as he is a quality strikeout pitcher and proved the organization knows they have something special brewing in K.C.

However, this hope was quickly extinguished as soon as I turned on SportsCenter yesterday. Royals’ American League rival, the Detroit Tigers, signed first base slugger Prince Fielder. The Tigers now have offensive protection for superstar Miguel Cabrera, who finished fifth in the A.L. MVP voting. Combine this addition with the return of A.L. MVP Justin Verlander, and you have the formula for the Royals finishing no higher than second in the division. Any hopes of the Wild Card are shattered by the American League East, as they have three of the tops teams in the entire A.L.

Many St. Louis Cardinals’ fans are still in mourning over the loss of future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I was one of the many loyal Royals’ fans who constantly reminded members of Cardinal Nation that their best player now donned a “halo.” However, karma came to back to haunt me. Well played, Tigers.

More on Fielder signing with the Tigers


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