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Trading in My Boots for My Bikini!

I know we are all anxious and itching to get out of this place. By the end of next week, this semester will be finito! It’s incredible how quickly these 15 some-odd weeks flew by. While I’m looking forward to going … Continue reading

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[Disclaimer: Sorry, this blog probably makes very little sense.] As consequence of a lack of creativity, energy or willpower, this blog is going to be a quick, semi-pointless…word-thingy. After asking several people, it’s still a mystery as to what it’s … Continue reading

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Preparation should Prevail over Procrastination

Usually I am disciplined at making myself post my blog prior to leaving for Kansas City every Thursday. Although my days in Warrensburg this week were highly motivated and efficient, this blog still slipped my mind. That got me thinking … Continue reading

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ESPN: Exciting, but not My Cup of Tea

Monday morning I found myself emulating a professional persona I’d never expected to: clicking around in heels and pencil skirt, Starbucks in one hand, a fancy notepad in the other. I found myself amidst sporty backdrops, professional athletes (NOT in … Continue reading

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Grammer and speeling

First, I applaud those of you who noticed the two errors in my title (they were intentional). *Disclaimer for the remainder of this blog: I am not perfect nor claiming to be perfect. Since I’m condemning grammar and spelling errors, … Continue reading

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Communications vs Business

I’ve heard it thought odd that our PR program is in the College of Communications (and now Sociology and whatever else the university added to the name) rather than the business college. I started thinking about this because I (finally) … Continue reading

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PR: My Conqueror of the World (of Academia)

A previous blog got me thinking about PR in comparison with other majors–more specifically other majors at our university. I’m constantly excited to share what I’m learning about PR and even better, what I’m doing with it. I’m always telling people, … Continue reading

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