The Pro Bowl

Whether you watched it or no, tonight was the NFL’s annual Pro Bowl.  The All star game that, for the most part, is set in Hawaii every year.  As I watched the first quarter, I noticed something about the game.  The players, wanting to avoid injury, were playing at almost half speed.  Usually in the Pro Bowl, the players don’t go all in, but tonight it was apparent that no one really cared.

It got me thinking, if the players don’t really value the Pro Bowl, what is its value?  I think the answer is a simple.  The Pro Bowl is all about media attention making money one final week before (or in the past after) the Super Bowl.  I don’t think it is about expanding the NFL Brand, because it has been in Hawaii so many times, the people there probably expect it, and know that the NFL will probably never put a franchise in the state.

I think the NFL goes about the Pro Bowl all wrong.  Having it in Hawaii, I’m guessing for the best players in the league, is exciting, but once they get older, is probably less exciting because they don’t want to play.  Because the tradition is Hawaii, I think it’s time they start moving it different places every year.  Expand the brand to other parts of the country, different countries in general, or even instead of having the London game in the middle of the season, have the Pro Bowl there.

The Pro Bowl, I think has gotten stale, and people don’t enjoy it.  And if the NFL wants a certain kind of attention from fans and media, they need to fix it.



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I'm Jon. I'm a Public Relations Student at the University of Central MO. My favorite color is blue.
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