Instagram: Getting Artsy at the White House

Instagram, the newest “trendy” photo sharing application has found itself in headlines across the nation when First Lady, Michelle Obama invited Brazilian native, founder Mike Krieger to the President’s State of the Union Address as her personal guest last Friday.

Instagram is a free photo sharing application that allows you to take pictures on your phone, add filters, share via Facebook and Twitter, as well as follow and “like” other Instagram users photos in a user friendly format.

In my opinion, this application was created by a PR genius. What better way to reach an audience than through visual stimulation? Let’s face it, you can influence an audience and they have no idea because your message is attractive, its pleasing, and it doesn’t seem like any work to them at all. It can be directly linked to social media, and the pictures are insightful and personal. It’s meeting the wants, and needs of consumers and it is a deadly tool for any campaign.

Take the White House for example, the Obama 2012 staff has highlighted the “behind the scenes” look of Barack Obama’s campaign trail. Obama 2012 staff is utilizing Instagram and adding more and more pictures each day of students campaigning on the streets, crowds rallied around him in support at speaking events, and even chatting with supporters over a private lunch. Instagram is a gateway into a new technologically based grassroots type of campaign, reaching every day people, all across the nation.

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One Response to Instagram: Getting Artsy at the White House

  1. douglasked says:

    I have actually heard of this thing! It is so cool! I think it is crazy the different kinds of apps that people are coming up with these days, I feel like I don’t have to live my own life anymore…my cell phone does it for me!

    Katie Douglas

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