Facebook Changes…..Again

You may have heard that the ever-changing social networking site Facebook is changing once again. A few weeks ago Facebook announced that all of its user’s profiles will be changed to the timeline layout and that the old profile layout will soon no longer be an option. Well, in even bigger news, today Facebook announced that the change will happen in just 7 days. For those of you that don’t know, the timeline feature of Facebook will allow your friends to see your status updates and photographs from as far back as 2004 when the social networking site was created. Even though Facebook insists that the changes will not affect the privacy settings of its users, people have become worried about just how much of their information Facebook will make accessible to their friends.

In response, Facebook is allowing users to use that 7 days before the timeline feature goes live on their website to remove anything from their profile that they may not want others to see from when they first joined Facebook. I don’t know about you guys, but that really doesn’t offer me a peace of mind. I was a sophomore or junior in high school when I first joined Facebook and I’m sure I may have posted some things that I would not want bought back up today. Not only do I feel as though the new timeline feature is a risk to privacy, but it is also sort of all over the place and confusing to use.

Like many of you, I enjoy using Facebook. I use it daily, so it’s a bit frustrating that every time I get used to a new feature Facebook decides to make an unnecessary change that doesn’t seem to do anything but confuse its users. I think someone needs to remind Facebook of the phrase “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

-Sheniece Martin

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3 Responses to Facebook Changes…..Again

  1. lillianmisko says:

    Sometimes I wonder if Facebook making changes all the time is a tactic to try to always stay on top of being “fresh” and “new.” They are probably afraid of becoming the “old” thing. After today’s news, they really should be worried about that (read my last blog post, it is right under yours).

    I have been using Facebook since 2007. It has been great! But today I randomly decided to do something… I decided to deactivate it for a week. I guess you could just say I am challenging myself and if I even really need it in my life. I think it is going to challenge me in a good way to be intently with my friendships instead of just checking up with them on Facebook. I do not like the thought of being reliant on Facebook, so this week should be an interesting test to see if I really am reliant on it or not.

    Anyone else ever done that before? Deactivate their account that is?


  2. sswinicki says:

    I personally love the new Facebook change. I think it’s a risky move, for the older crowd that Facebook has recently attracted (even my grandparents have Facebook). But I agree with Lillian, I think its a marketing strategy to stay “edgy” and “trendy”, in other words appealing to the younger generations. Facing competition from blogging site and Twitter, Facebook, in my opinion, had to do something.

  3. jonhailepr says:

    Timeline is kind of a scary thing when you think about, but honestly it’s not something to worry about. It’s actually a feature that doesn’t take much used to, and unless someone is digging incredibly deep to find something, I don’t feel like timeline is a threat to users. I’ve had it for a few months, and yes, I started going threw and deleting stupid things I said in high school, but I think people will welcome the change because it really is kind of innovative and less of a problem than people expect.

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