The Queen of Cooking is Now Minus a Publicist

We all have heard of Mrs. Paula Deen, cooking fanatic. But have you heard that Mrs. Deen recently announced that she has diabetes. Who would have thought? A woman who cooks delicious food that’s high in well…everything, no one could have ever saw this coming, right?!

What Mrs. Deen may not have seem coming was her publicist of six years quitting right after the diabetes announcement went public. Now it’s still a little up in the air exactly why she quit but every day its becoming a little more clear. After Deen announced she had diabetes she decided to endorse a diabetic pharmaceutical drug that helps with diabetes. This is when her publicist chose to quit. Her publicist then released this statement to the New York Post, “Although we had a great deal of fun along the way, I could not agree with the new business strategy going forward. Nonetheless, I wish them continued success.”

So clearly she quit because she didn’t agree with Deen’s choice of endorsement. Why do you think that is? Do you think it is because Deen is really in the food industry and not in the pharmaceutical drug industry? Or do you think there is more behind why she didn’t agree with her endorsement?

Katie Douglas

Here is the link to the article

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One Response to The Queen of Cooking is Now Minus a Publicist

  1. rbs05900 says:

    I hadn’t heard this, it is extremely interesting though and I’m not sure if it exactly makes sense. What is her publicists background with diabetes that she wouldn’t support such a thing? I feel it would be a good move for Deen it would help others that suffer with the disease that they are not alone.

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