Could You Dress Rihanna?

Everybody’s favorite bad girl Rihanna is set to have her own reality TV show with the Sky Living HD network, a UK television station, to find Britain’s “next generation of raw, undiscovered designer talent”. Not only is Rihanna going to be appearing in this series, she is also going to executive produce the show. Rihanna has made her mark on the US Fashion scene as the sexy femme fatal from Barbados; not only is her style edgy and exotic but so her her personality. Her style and personality go hand in hand. Every girl aspires to have some characteristics of a Bad Girl such as Rihanna; in the 80’s there was Madonna, the 90’s had Brittany Spears and now theres Rihanna. From a PR point of view these stars are certainly more than just women with addictive personalities and amazing style, they are brands! When you think of Rihanna, you think of cutting edge, whacky, and sexy!  As a fan and a PR student I applaud Rihanna on her efforts to continue to build her image and expand her brand.

Click here to read more a bout RIhanna’s television show!


About rachelnevels

Current undergrad student at the University of Central Missouri majoring in Public Relations, with a minor in Fashion Merchandising
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2 Responses to Could You Dress Rihanna?

  1. douglasked says:

    I agree every generation seems to have their ‘bad girl’. And your right they are more than just powerful women they are brands, girls want to be them and guy want to date them. Everyone seems to be addicted to these ladies with the help of their PR person.

    Katie Douglas

  2. prassistant says:

    I used to be a fan of her music not so much anymore but I can’t deny her branding is great, I am fan of her style because as a model I change my style just as often as her, I never get bored with myself because I am often changing so I totally agree with her recreating herself. She is not the orginator of this, Madonna stays hot every time she comes back on the scene again because she knows how to constantly recreate herself.

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