Juice Up!

Juice Box in actionA new invention has hit the market that will help all of those cell phone users that have a battery life of a whopping three hours.  The “Juice Box” is a small, wall mounted, electronic device and is very similar to a food vending machine.  It is credit card operated and has seven available doors for cell phones to be charged.  The Juice Box’s aesthetic appeal is very pleasing as well.  It has a modern design with stainless steel and seven doors with a green, glowing light inside of each door.  It is very futuristic and eye catching.

To use: simply swipe your credit card, find the appropriate charger cord for your cell phone, connect and close the door.  You have unlimited time and when you see your phone is charged, swipe your card again, the door will open, and remove your phone.  There is a two dollar flat rate per use or charge.

The idea was actually created by two bartenders in New York who were tired of charging their customers’ cell phones behind the bar. Jack Phelps is the Chief Operating Officer that helped Juice Box come to life.

I think this is such a great idea and invention but it is so simple at the same time.  Yes a lot of people carry chargers on them or in their brief case, but there is still a large majority of people always in need of some “juice”.  I think the faster Juice Box can gather a PR team and start a campaign, the better off they will be in gaining profit.  They hope to eventually gain advertising revenue to overcome the low two dollar flat rate per use.

If I was the PR person for this company I would have a slogan such as, “Always connected when you can’t be”.  Another good slogan would be “No Laptop?  No Charger?  No Problem!” What would your slogan be?

For more information go to the Juice Box Home Page or read about it on Mashable.

-Eric Hughey


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5 Responses to Juice Up!

  1. rachelnevels says:

    It is so weird to think that there are things like this being invented, it reminds me of futuristic movies! nonetheless, this invention is going to be a life saver for many people; I know my roommates never have a charge on their phones and always have to carry around their chargers, even though they have phone chargers! I guess the Juice Box will save people the hassle of having to being their chargers along with them.

  2. douglasked says:

    This is so cool!!! I have totally been in this situation of being out and needing to charge my cell phone. However, I would only spend the $2 if I absolutely needed to have it charged. And I like the slogans you came up with, very catchy and gets the point across. Not sure what mine would be!

    Katie Douglas

  3. scmartin0718 says:

    I think this is really cool and extremely convenient to have somewhere to charge your phone, and it’s only $2! I don’t know how many times I’ve been out wishing I had somewhere to charge my phone. I also like your “no laptop, no charger, no problem” slogan.

    Sheniece Martin

  4. rbs05900 says:

    This is awesome and would be such a good investment since we all live on and depend on our cell phones and what they can do for us! In the large scheme of things $2 isn’t too much especially for people constantly on the go! This Juice idea might seem a bit crazy but it could really catch on! And great slogan ideas!

  5. lillianmisko says:

    Very interesting! It reminded me of an encounter with a stranger recently. He had this bulking little black box on him and I had to ask what it was… and to my surprise it was a battery to charge his phone on the go. Crazy!

    I think your slogan ideas are great!


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