There’s Always Next Year…Or the Next.

I am going to be the first person to say. The Kansas City Royals will not make the postseason in 2012.

As a blind and loyal Royals’ fan, I have continued to remain optimistic year after year, struggle after struggle. The recent of development of potential stars such as Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas provides hope for the future. Our core group of young players would make any organization excited. The addition of starting pitcher Jonathan Sanchez provided excitement to fans as he is a quality strikeout pitcher and proved the organization knows they have something special brewing in K.C.

However, this hope was quickly extinguished as soon as I turned on SportsCenter yesterday. Royals’ American League rival, the Detroit Tigers, signed first base slugger Prince Fielder. The Tigers now have offensive protection for superstar Miguel Cabrera, who finished fifth in the A.L. MVP voting. Combine this addition with the return of A.L. MVP Justin Verlander, and you have the formula for the Royals finishing no higher than second in the division. Any hopes of the Wild Card are shattered by the American League East, as they have three of the tops teams in the entire A.L.

Many St. Louis Cardinals’ fans are still in mourning over the loss of future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I was one of the many loyal Royals’ fans who constantly reminded members of Cardinal Nation that their best player now donned a “halo.” However, karma came to back to haunt me. Well played, Tigers.

More on Fielder signing with the Tigers



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Former pitcher at the University of Central Missouri majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Marketing. I hope to work within a professional baseball team's front office if my karaoke career does not pan out.
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One Response to There’s Always Next Year…Or the Next.

  1. erichughey says:


    I agree! The Royals always seem to screw themselves out of going to the playoffs every year. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have found myself shaking my head at the television when I hear news about the Royals. It seems like every time I watch a professional baseball game on television, a player will make and outstanding play, and then I realize that player used to be a Royal. Or I find players move on to slowing build their own All Star Careers. (Examples: David Dejesus, Jonny Damon, Carlos Beltran, Jermain Dye). I finally broke and really lost my fan interest when they traded my favorite player Mark Teahen a few seasons ago.

    The Royals have been a joke for the last decade. I view them as the farm club team OF the major leagues. We breed all these young guys into great players and then we just give them away and get absolute crap in return. I believe all playoff teams start with a good bullpen and that also took a hit when Grinke left. What are they doing?!? Think about the line-up we would have if we kept the majority of our good players from the last five years.

    They have to quit doing this otherwise their fan base will get less and less and so will their annual profits. I’m with you pal, with the Prince Fielder move and the crew the Tigers have, I don’t see hope for the Royals this year either.

    -Eric Hughey

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