Yes, I am holding a handful of honeybees. Note: Because the honeybees were in a "swarm" state (without a home), they were very docile and would not sting unless they were squashed.

You may remember the random statement about beekeeping and my connection to it in one of our previous Publicity classes. Therefore, I would love to share with you how I got involved in the beekeeping industry and how it has helped cultivate my skills for Public Relations.

My mother has been a “beekeeper” for about 21 years. Throughout my early-teen years I attended portions of the Midwestern Beekeepers Association’s meetings with her. Once I started college, I was approached to apply for the position as the 2011 Missouri State Honey Queen. However, this “title” (with a tiara and banner included) did not attract me. But the opportunity for experience in a professional setting did! Holding this title came with the responsibility of being the Missouri State Beekeepers Association’s official representative and spokesperson. Therefore, I decided to apply and was honored to be selected. As the 2011 Missouri Honey Queen, it was my job to represent and promote honey, honeybees, beekeeping, and beekeepers all across the state. In this position, I created and presented numerous educational presentations (for children and adults), brochures, and articles. I also received experience in doing on the spot media interviews for television stations and newspapers. The best part, however, was the interaction with those I represented and the public. It was a joy to travel more than 4,000 miles and reach nearly 500,000 people. My job was to relate with people and expand the awareness of the Missouri State Insect (the honeybee) and its vital importance. They are an intricate, fascinating, and vital insect—responsible for pollinating 30 percent of our food supply! Byproducts of the honeybee, such as honey and beeswax, all have outstanding properties with natural benefits. Honey in its pure form is a natural anti-biotic that can be used for cuts or burns (honey also contains vitamins, minerals, and probiotics). Even the “sting” of the honeybee is being researched and used for arthritis, tumors, scar tissue, joint care, and other various cases.

As you can tell, this was a unique experience that challenged and encouraged many of my PR skills. I hope this opportunity of mine encourages you to be open in how you can gain experience! There are many opportunities out there… internships, scholarships, or jobs for industries that you probably have never even imagined entering! But if you do enter them, I promise they will be an experience to remember.

With care,


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2 Responses to Honeybees?

  1. prassistant says:

    Thant’s awesome I had no Ideal you were Miss Honeybee, or that that job existed. You are right there are several jobs out there. What a great opportunity for you!

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