Sitting In with the Marketing Department

Over the break I had an opportunity to sit in with the Marketing Department of the Mid-Continent Public Library.  My mom runs the Blue Ridge Branch, and asked the marketing director if I could come in for a few hours and see how things worked.

The Marketing department was small, just 5 people.  There was the director, one PR manager, as she was called, two graphic designers and one guy working the social media.   I spent about a half hour talking to the director.  We talked about what happened in the office first, then we kind of went into the Library’s crisis communication plan, which was great because I saw a lot of what we learned in Strategic Planning at work.

I then sat in with the the PR manager, and was able to get a sense of her job, which dealt a lot with Vocus.  It was huge to see Vocus at work in the real world, but it was also huge to see the functions Vocus is capable of that weren’t used in Strategic Planning.

The rest of the time, I talked to the graphic designers, who designed pretty much all of the brochures and advertisements for the library system.  There was a lot of InDesign and Photoshop at work.  Lastly, I saw how the social media was run for the libraries.

Obviously, I haven’t done an internship yet.  If I had, I’m sure these things would be of no surprise to me, but it was good to see that what we’re learning is worth it, not that I doubted it was, but it was great to see it in the real world.  I’m extremely glad I got to sit in for those few hours, and get a small taste of how these things work.

– Jonathan Haile


About jonhailepr

I'm Jon. I'm a Public Relations Student at the University of Central MO. My favorite color is blue.
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