Joe Paterno dies at 84

Respectfully, one of the biggest stories this weekend is the death of Joe Paterno.  Joe Paterno is the ex head football coach Penn State.  Joe is arguably the greatest college football coach of all time.  This weekend students past and present among many others went to Penn State and paid their respects to Joe Paterno by gathering at his statue at Penn State.  Joe Paterno was 85 and died this morning of lung cancer but many believe his mid season firing had a lot to do with it.  It almost seems like he lost the will to fight the cancer after losing his coaching job.  Joe Paterno was with Penn State for 61 years.  He coached the football team for 46 years.   He lost his coaching job mid season this year because of the now infamous Penn State child sex abuse scandal.

Joe Paterno has had a positive impact on many lives during his 61 years at Penn State.  He was a coach who was known for honesty and winning with integrity.  Sadly a few months ago his great career was scared by the child sex abuse scandal. Joe was not accused of abusing any of the victims but he was accused of know about the child sex abuse and not reporting it.  This ultimately led to Penn State firing the legendary coach.  Many people disagree with Penn State firing Paterno others had a problem with how Penn State fired Paterno.

I personally as public relations student completely understand Penn State firing Paterno but I do feel he deserved more than just a late night phone call telling him he is fired.  I also believe that stress from the scandal and possibly depression from no longer being a part of Penn State led to Paterno’s death.  It is sad to a legendary career come to a tragic end.

Derrick GIll

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