Kate Plus…Wait Who Are You Again?!

So just about everyone has heard, seen or known about Kate Gosselin. If not let me remind you who she is. Kate got pregnant with twins and then she decided she wanted just one more and got eight instead! Obviously they turned her life into a TV show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight. And I can’t lie, I have watched quite a few episodes. And then she got a nasty divorce that was played out on the show and then her look dramatically changed!

Kate then lost her show and now is determined to keep up the extravagant lifestyle she has created for her kids. But who is she really and why should we care? I am not sure of these answers and I’m not sure why every time I go into the grocery store there her face is on magazines at the checkout. Why is she famous still?!!!! And I can’t believe this was considered a “news story” but I am not kidding the title read, “Kate Gosselin Catches a Cold.” Really!?! Why is that important

There are plenty of women out there who have had more then eight kids and all they get is a headache and an empty wallet. So is this just really good PR that lets her keep getting on magazines or is she just that alluring that people just want to hear about her? I go with the first one.

-Katie Douglas

Here is the link to the “Kate Gosselin Catches a Cold” article.






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