Campus Involvement. Your Problem or Mine?

I recently attended a NPHC event here on the campus of UCM. The title of the event was Greek 2.0, put together to inform incoming freshman and transfer students about Greek life on our campus. However, this was the second time this year an event as such had been put together because the turn out the previous semester was so poor, NPHC felt it was necessary to have another one. Unfortunately, the turn out this semester wasn’t any better! Eventually the issue of why the presence of the student population at school-sponsored events was so low was tackled. Incoming freshman argued that events were last minute and poorly advertised, while NPHC members claimed events were always posted on the NPHC board located in the Elliot Student Union. But from a PR perspective we can all agree that the real problem may reside in not the advertisements themselves, but the efforts put into them.

These issues immediately made me think about our class discussion on credibility, and more specifically in creasing visibility. Many major events students anticipate, such as Fun Before Finals and Homecoming. But throughout the year, many campus organizations host other programs and events for our entertainment. Most of these events can be seen throughout the student union, the most common area for students. But honestly, how many times do you walk right past an advertisement for “game night” hosted by Spotlight? Is it because the methods these organizations use to capture our attention never vary that we lack interest? Or is it simply our lack of interest in the event? These day’s social media play a major role in the lives of young people, so maybe a larger presence and emphasis should be made on Facebook and/ or Twitter to capture our attention. Not only that, maybe organizations should make themselves noticed throughout campus so that others are curious as to what they do and why they are doing it.

Student attendance at these campus sponsored events are important not only because they are made specifically for us, but they also provide fulfillment in other areas we may not get in the classroom, or even in the dorms hanging out with our friends. Thus, it is important to make a conscious effort to bring the students out and keep them involved through effective advertising.


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Current undergrad student at the University of Central Missouri majoring in Public Relations, with a minor in Fashion Merchandising
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2 Responses to Campus Involvement. Your Problem or Mine?

  1. prassistant says:

    I agree with you in part, but I also think it is a decision that the students in that organization chooses to do because they feel that if a person is interested, then the will come and seek them. I know because I was apart of NPHC. However, I believe that is a poor method to rely on your credibility alone to draw attention to your events. This is poor because eventually, that organization will stopped being taken seriously and loose their credibility.

  2. douglasked says:

    I totally agree. I used to live on campus in Ellis and the best way for me to find out about anything going on was a note taped to my door. My guess is that a student activities person would hand flyers to the CA and she would tape them on our door…I mean what better way to get the word out to people who live on campus?! However, now that I live off campus I have no clue whats going on at school. I don’t know if they do this already but they should totally have a text message that goes out (kind of like the sports or bad weather text) that lets you know the day before of events that are going on.


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