It’s Not a “Secret” Anymore!

I am the first to admit that I am a huge fan of Victoria’s Secret. I love the clothes, underwear, perfume, makeup, well pretty much anything VS. What I am not a fan of is child labor and that seems to be what Victoria’s Secret is being accused of.

The story goes like this, Victoria’s Secret decided to buy organic cotton from a Burkina Faso farm promoting that this cotton was, “good for women, good for the children who depend on them.” But it has just now surfaced that the farm where Victoria’s Secret buys a portion of their cotton from uses child labor.

This story came out in December of 2011 and has pretty much fizzled away without any definite fixes. A spokesperson for Victoria’s Secret Tammy Roberts Myers states, “Our standards specifically prohibit child labor.”

Now what I wonder is why this wasn’t blown into a lot bigger of a deal? I mean its a very popular store that you never really hear anything bad about and now all of the sudden there is a scandal and I only find one article about? Strange.

Victoria’s Secret either has a really good PR team or people just don’t think it’s that big of a deal?! What do you think?


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