Finals Week

Throughout my entire college career “finals week” is more known as “hell week” but is it really? I think this has become more of a stereotype in my opinion than anything. Sure, the first couple of years of college with Gen-Ed courses are tough finals, but when you get deep into your major, I think you pretty much control how much stress you have or not.

The great thing about our PR majors, is I think we work our butt’s off during the entire semester, and finals week becomes more of a reflection on our work. The question becomes, would you rather have your most stressful time in the semester be put into one week? Or consistently work throughout the semester? For me it’s easy, I like the entirety of the semester.

Let’s be honest, when we graduate, “finals week” will be a thing of the past, and we will have consistent work weeks day in, and day out. Another reason we should all be thankful we are PR majors. As well as the lack of “busy work” we receive, and the fact that our projects are actually relevant to our majors. I love the fact that each and every class, further prepares us for life after college. Regarding finals week, knock-on-wood.


About griffingatewood

Public Relations Major at Central Missouri University
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