Better Safe Than Sorry

I wasn’t sure whether or not to do a blog post this week, so I thought better safe than sorry. Which got me thinking about whether or not that is always true for the PR field. We were always told that when we were young – it’s best to do what is safe, rather that do something that we might regret.

It seems like with PR it would be better to be safe, rather than risk your company’s reputation. That’s your job, right? To project a good image to the public, bettering your company. But then there is the flip side, aren’t you supposed to be doing different and innovative things? To be creative and make and impression on your publics? If you do what is known and safe, how are you improving your company and position?

I think there has to be a balance of both. Having a sense of when it’s best to stick to past practices and when it’s time to try something new and daring. There are times for both I think. Take Tylenol for example. We always hear about their response to the cyanide poisoning. They did something that could have completely ruined them, but they took the chance to show that they care and it changed the way medicines have been packages ever since.

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