Small Town Specialty Store

One of my favorite things to do when I am not elbow deep in PR homework, working, or getting my beauty rest, is to shop! Some of my favorite places to shop are Victoria Secret, Charlotte Rouse, Newport News, Alloy, Buckle, and then there is Maurices! I love love love Maurices. I love the layout of their stores, their products and most importantly how much they love me in return! Maruices is very customer focused and cares a lot about their image as a retailer and their brand. As a PR person, I like when company execs actually realize who it is that lines their deep pockets and especially in the retail world its the people buying your products and second and maybe the most important those you have working directly with your customers and promoting your product in store.

Currently, Maurices has a fairly large social media following through Facebook and Twitter. To date, there are over half a million likes on their Facebook page and nearly 100,000 followers on Twitter. The company also uses text coupons to followers through their social media platforms if customers have their phone number displayed on their profile pages. In 2005 Maurices launched a Menswear line in an effort to increase sales and also a reach out to a new target market. However, after 3 quarters of down sales, the company decided to change its efforts from menswear and realized that a market in even more need for fashion forward style was plus size women sizes 14-24.

Maurices reinforces brand recognition through their retail stores. As a long time loyal shopper of Maurices and also a former employee, I know that Maurices is a customer and brand focused company. From the moment the customer enters the store, the Maurices brand is sighted over 50 times, not including each piece of merchandise in the store that features the Maurices name. From the shopping bags, the dressing rooms, to the associates, and the turquoise credit card many customer shop with, the brand and logo is always in sight. Customers are rewarded the more frequently they shop there with coupons and discounts on products. Many of the promo sales Maurices does forces the customer to come back to the store at a later date so they can use the coupons given to them by their sales associate. Each store also has a similar decorating style and motif throughout the store which provides customers with a consistent shopping experience. By making their shopping experience consistent no matter what state or store, customers know that when they see the blue Maurices sign, that they will be getting a friendly and similar experience to their home store.

This is something that each retail company should follow when it comes to supporting a product and gaining publicity for their organization.

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