Imported from Detroit

Like most women, the super bowl is a time for hosting football parties, socializing, and watching commercials. And one of my favorite Superbowl commercials ever comes from Chrysler. Often times, large corporations use the Superbowl as a time to reach intended audiences more than usual and they will pay big bucks to do so. Following the automobile industry crisis in 2009, Chrysler had a huge drop in customer loyalty and many American consumers lost faith in the American automobile industry. Through research conducted by Chrysler and other American auto companies, Chrysler knew that moral was down and it would take a miracle for the industry to turn around. Company executives began their comeback plan by designing a new more competitive line of vehicles and thus launched the “Imported from Detroit” Campaign in February of 2010. Because of research, PR, Marketing, and Advertising executives were able to develop a message to send to their target audience that met their needs and also calmed their fears about purchasing American made automobiles. It was their way of telling consumers they were back and more powerful than ever before.

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One Response to Imported from Detroit

  1. amber0125 says:

    You have piqued my interest. I’m going to go look up some Chrysler commercials and see what you are talking about! I think that research is definitely an important part of a company’s public relations.

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