First Annual Eye Sore

So as many of you know, my place of work often does large scale fundraisers. Recently, one of the largest ones that we have had in a while was for epilepsy awareness. Often times, the sponsoring organization is responsible for sending out invitations and doing the publicity so to speak for the events and we are just responsible for making it all happen and managing the event. After a few weeks of going back and forth and getting the basics planned, I mentioned to the sponsors that they should come up with a flyer so that we could do some small scale advertising for them over the next few weeks in our facility. This would help them reach even more people besides just the people they knew. I received a call from Jan, the woman that was organizing the fundraiser and she said that she was faxing me over a copy of the flyer. As I ran into the office to receive the fax, I turned it over, removed the cover page and I saw THE PHRASE. It’s the phrase that sticks out to PR professionals and event planners the most, and it was right there on my fax machine for my event…”The First Annual Drink for Epilepsy.” OHH No she didn’t!

Now, I had all of these flyers floating around and every time I came into work for the next three weeks, my eyes darted to these flyers-it was horrible! It was like the cricked picture in the waiting room at the doctor’s office! And I noticed it every single time. Overall, the fundraiser went really well and it was a huge success. Over 4000 was raised for the epilepsy foundation of Missouri and Kansas.

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