Many people in the United States and around the world work a regular 9-5, Monday through Friday job. Some of these jobs are easy, and others are tedious. Starting off the day early is not the easiest task for some. Something that kick starts the day for these early-risers is their morning coffee. The taste, quality, and style of their coffee can really make or break a long hard day at work. These workers want the greatest coffee they can get to start the morning mood off right. Starbucks has been providing the grandest coffee money could buy since 1971. With over 17,000 stores in 50 countries around the world, Starbucks provides the coffee most 9-5 workers desire. Starbucks has had great success over the past 40 years while being in business. Now, Starbucks has expanded its company even more so by starting its own corporate philanthropy foundation, “Brew-lanthropy”. Coffee has become a key part of the American workforce. Whether it is to warm us up before we hit the road in the morning, to facilitate the signing of a multimillion dollar contract over coffee, or simply, wake us up, Coffee can be found in every business organization in the country. However, some of us rely on coffee more than others and Seattle-based coffee company Starbucks realizes that people doing the most good in our country are usually doing it on bad coffee. For this reason, Starbucks announced the launch of its “Brew-lanthropy” Campaign to benefit those doing the most good and provide them with a warm cup of Starbuck’s best brew each and every day. The campaign provides free Starbucks coffee for one year, a break room makeover valued at $5000, among other smaller prizes to a volunteer, non-profit, or community business doing good for the community on a bad cup of brew. The campaign itself is relatively simple and features strategies such as: marketing to a new audience, volunteers, and low income workers. Starbucks did a great job with developing the campaign through a strong social media presence by allowing Facebook users to vote on the next “Brew-lanthropy” Candidates. The “Brew-lanthropy” is a great philanthropic campaign for Starbucks, who has a previous reputation of being community focused and driven by the coffee needs of consumers around the world. In summary, “Brew-lanthropy” not only helped improve Starbuck’s image, but also helped it gain a positive reputation with a new audience.

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