Molestation Accusations

Regardless of your viewing tendencies, almost everyone should know the investigations ongoing involving Penn State, and now Syracuse University. The accusations being brought up are both sickening and disturbing. Having read the indictment personally, which I regret in a way, it becomes even more disturbing. The adults at Penn State should have worried more about the children’s safety, not their institution.

However, what I really want to speak about is the new allegations involving Syracuse. Bernie Fine is now in the headlines not for his long standing coaching with Syracuse, but molesting multiple children, multiple times. My biggest problem with this, does not have to do with Fine, but more the head coach Jim Boeheim. Because of the news swirling around that multiple people knew and or witnesses Sandusky in the act, Boeheim is now bing looked at under the same light, and it is not fair.

It is easy from an outside perspective for one to say, how on earth would you not know? Friends for more than four decades, and he had no idea about his best friends dark secret? You have to look at it from this perspective, if everyone knew what a child molester looked like, there would be no child molestation cases. It is unfair to say Boeheim could ever know what was going on, unless he lived with Fine, and followed is ever move, there is no way someone could say he is guilty of knowing. Until this is found true or false, I will keep that perspective.


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One Response to Molestation Accusations

  1. mmq99030 says:

    Both stories are sickening, but I agree that there needs to be a fine line between the two. Something to consider when someone inevitably has this case for their press conference in Strategic Planning next year…

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