Robo-Baby Teaching Future Mommies

Baby dolls for little girls is not a new concept, but new technological innovations hold the potential to change these little play-things forever. In fact, a new Android-powered doll is currently being designed with the intentions of actually training young girls to be mothers.

This new doll that makers at Mattel call “Little Mommy” allows young girls to experience true moments of motherhood, as they are asked to feed her, kiss her and even change her diaper. The doll contains touch sensors and motion detectors that will assess if the child is doing an adequate job. “Little Mommy” will then respond accordingly.

As an ex-doll fanatic, this article instanly caught my eye. I was very interested to see how technology would improve upon “make-believe” for future children. I therefore did not expect to feel as completly and utterly CREEPED OUT by this article as I was.

I fully share the opinion of the writer, Sam Biddle, that this new toy is too much technology, too fast. When I saw that “Little Mommy” would be Android-powered, I assumed that meant she would make some cool noises, or maybe learn your name, not brain-wash you at the age of four into motherhood.

As time progresses, maybe I will change my mind about “Little Mommy.” For now, though, I think I will continue to support a simple Barbie and her cohorts.

Also, check out this video of “Little Mommy” (creepily, in my opinion) in action:

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One Response to Robo-Baby Teaching Future Mommies

  1. I can hear the outraged feminists ranting now…
    Personally, I feel it’s silly to get worked about over using today’s technology to encourage little girls’ natural tendency to nurture and play with dolls. I do admit the demonstration video I watched was a bit on the creepy side, nonetheless it’s absurd to become a wreck over this toy & not others.
    Plain ol’ plastic Barbie dolls and ‘ancient’ dolls promote girls learning/adapting to future possible roles of motherhood just as much as Little Mommy does; Little Mommy is just more innovative.
    Also, I think a doll such as this could do wonders for teaching babysitters or even BOYS how to care for little ones! I wonder if they’ve created this technology for infant CPR classes too…?
    Very interesting subject! 🙂

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