The Border War 2011

The the football border showdown between rivals Kansas and Missouri this weekend at Arrowhead Stadium was nearly anything but a war.  Whether it was the attendance that could not even fill the first tier of the stadium or the terrible play on the field it was anything but exciting.  Kansas, with a record of 2-9 this year, is anything but an impressive football team, but Mizzou was not exactly an impressive team either.  Riding a roller coaster of a 7-5 season captained by quarterback James Franklin they looked poised to blow KU out of the water coming in as a 24 point favorite.  As the first half rolled along this was obviously not going to be the case.  Franklin threw three picks to the worst defense in the league, resulting in 10 KU points, on four consecutive passes.  It even got to the point where he said no more passes to offensive coordinator David Yost.  This is not something you want to hear come out of your QB ever I would not think.  They did, however, score using the running game, but who can’t score against that defense.  With the lack luster defense Kansas brings to the table and Franklin building up his mediocre confidence in his arm the second half Mizzou was able to beat KU in a quite unimpressive 24-10 final score.  Lucky for MU our defense was stingy enough to keep the Jay Hawks out of the end zone.  Franklin gave them the TD on his pick-six and gave them field position to kick a field goal.  Other than these two predicaments handed to the defense they kept them silent.  This final border showdown for the heated rivals on the gridiron came and went with a slight whimper.  I think fans found more excitement in the cheap drinks at P&L, trash talking anyone in blue and red, and the ability to purchase hugely overpriced drinks in the stadium.  The weather in KC and the play on the field went very hand in hand, very poopy.  Did not exactly propel Mizzou into the SEC as many had hoped, but if nothing else it gave fans a chance to get used to not leaving the stadium at halftime as traditionally is done in Columbia but will be stopped according to SEC rules.  Only problem with this is drinks are not sold inside Faurout, but that is another story for another day.  We will see what happens in the lower second tier bowl we get invited to this winter.  Maybe the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium could be a fun time?

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