Dress Appropriately

A couple months ago I posted about how people should monitor how other people perceive their behavior, but I also think that people need to be aware of how people perceive their appearance. I’m not talking about how people look, but how they dress.

We have been told that we should not dress for the job that we have, but the job that we want. I think this is an important lesson, especially in today’s world. You have to be conscious of the image that you are projecting. As an employee of any company, especially in the PR field, you are representing your company. I’m not saying that a lax dress code is something that should be eliminated, but I think that a personal dress code is something that everyone should have. You are representing your company and yourself. If you want the respect you think you deserve, then you have to dress the part. Showing up to work in a pair of sweatpants and an old T-Shirt is not acceptable. Even in my job as an OA they’ve enforced a dress code. Red, Black or UCM shirts only. NO shirts from others schools at all.

What are your thoughts on dress? Do you think employees should get to wear whatever they want or are you in favor of more formal dress? Are you ready to make the change from jeans and a tee to a suit and tie or slacks and a blouse? I know that it will be a struggle for me, but its one that will have to be dealt with to have the career that I want.

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2 Responses to Dress Appropriately

  1. megromer says:

    I completely agree, Keri. Though I do think it’s odd that companies are going to more and more casual, especially for those employees that are not client or customer facing. I like dressing up, but also recognize that if I was requried to do it 50 weeks out of the year, I would tire quickly of it. Though some compaines also offer “jeans day” as an incentive for giving to company programs or participating in corporate events. Not a bad trade-off if you ask me.

  2. ryanmarler says:

    Though I dress like a scrub, according to Kellyn, at school, when I start my career, there probably won’t be a day where I’m not wearing a tie. If you look good, you feel good.

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