GPA: Does it Really Matter?

I have always felt that GPA is really not an important thing for a resume; I feel that it wont make or break your chances for a good job. Recently, I came across an interesting article on PRdaily. The piece discusses “9 things that matter more than GPA.” Included on the list is time management, experience, portfolios, writing skills, presentation skills, etc.

I agree highly that these attributes are not necessarily represented in ones GPA. Many of these skills cannot be taught in a classroom setting and are learned in other ways. I think out of the nine listed, networking is the most significant. While it is cliche to say, it’s not what you know, but who you know. Networking yourself, as well as working on all the other things listed are all very important. GPA is not everything.

Do you agree with the article? Is there anything not listed you think is important?


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3 Responses to GPA: Does it Really Matter?

  1. richilajrand89 says:

    In a way I do agree with the article because when you get out of college it is mainly about the skills that a person has. In my opinion GPA is important because if a person wants to go to graduate school that has to deal with you acceptance into the school. As far as graduating moving on, going on with your career I do not feel that a GPA is necessary.

  2. Keri Cerda says:

    I think for us, it does matter in a way. But 10 years down the road it won’t. When you get that first job, you aren’t going to have the experience you will later in life. When a potential employer is looking at a stack of resumes that all show a fairly similar skill set, a higher GPA will stand out among the others and help get the interviews. A GPA can be looked at as a measure of dedication and how hard an employee will work. Honestly, if a you had two candidates that were equal in most everything aside from GPA and one had a 3.98 and one had a 3.02, who would you think you would rather interview? So as students that are going to be looking for careers soon, it does matter a bit but once we get real experience, no so much.

  3. megromer says:

    It’s hard to say. I know some companies base your starting salary off of your GPA or wont even consider hiring you if your overall isn’t above a 3.0. I don’t think grades are everything, but they do make a difference sometimes, when an employer is deciding between candidates.

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