[Disclaimer: Sorry, this blog probably makes very little sense.]

As consequence of a lack of creativity, energy or willpower, this blog is going to be a quick, semi-pointless…word-thingy. After asking several people, it’s still a mystery as to what it’s called (I’m not even sure if it’s a true literary device) when you spell out a word vertically and spell a different, yet corresponding word with each letter horizontally (so if YOU know, I’d like to hear it! It’s not an acronym or an acrostic puzzle.)

Since I’ve got to get out of Warrensburg to meet a new baby joining our family today, I’m not promising any of the following will make sense (I’m tying in relevant publicity terms to the word “turkey” just because it’s Thanksgiving).

T–Timeliness. Messages PR practitioners are to be timely for several reasons: timely messages are likely to impact our audiences more as well as grab their attention and professionals in the media are more apt to use our content if it is relevant to the current times (holidays, political schedules, etc.). Also, conducting ourselves in a timely manner (such as responding quickly to a reporter who is operating under deadlines just like we are) speaks volumes about our professionalism and respect for others in outside professions.

U–Utilize resources. Be crafty. Be creative. Don’t waste whatever special networking connections you have or could have, were you to make them.

R–RESEARCH! This is the big one. The big “R” word we had hammered into our heads in Intro. Whether you’re looking to be hired, completing a project for a client, or staying up-to-date with the latest trends/news that is relevant to you, KNOW YOUR STUFF. Having a base knowledge makes all the other parts of any job (even if it’s looking for one) much easier.

K–Kindness. Although this is a personal suggestion, being courteous in the PR profession can be highly valuable. You never know whom you may end up working for one day, so it’s best to have a healthy/clean record with everyone you interact with. On the flip side, the field of PR is highly competitive, so it’s not guaranteed you won’t get trampled on at one point or another. That being said, there’s a difference between being assertive and aggressive. 

E–Evaluate. While evaluating the content of your professional products is all good and well, I feel it’s important to do regular self-evaluations on a personal level. Objectively think about how you’re interacting with others, how much effort you’re putting into your performance at work, what you’re doing well, could do better, etc.

Y–Youth. Use your youth! Sure we’re young and have a lot to learn, but we also bring a lot of fresh skill sets to the table. Don’t be so intimidated in your first job that you don’t speak out or share ideas (when it’s appropriate). While seasoned pros have a lot more experience to bring to the table, we can have equally valid/significant innovative ideas!

PEACE OUT BURG! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the always too-short break!

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2 Responses to TURKEY?!

  1. mmq99030 says:

    This was creative! And, for the record, I really want to know what the actual name is for spelling out a word vertically, and then add different words with each letter horizontally…

  2. richilajrand89 says:

    This is so creative, I really like this. This acronym was so smart and what makes it so bad is that we utilize the acronym so much, but do not realize it. I am in love with this I will never forget this, thinking outside the box I am in love with this. I hope my fellow colleague had a wonderful and successful Turkey day.

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