Cardinals New Management

I am a little uneasy about the choice St. Louis has made in hiring former catcher, Mike Matheny, as the new head coach.  Matheny was a great player when he played and one of the better catchers in the league, but I do not know if that constitutes him being a good coach.  He has zero head coaching experience, besides possibly his kids, and only some instructing in the organization.  With Oquendo available, Terry Francona on the market, and a few others.  My top choice would have been Francona, personally, and I would have felt a bit better with him taking the reigns.  Yes, he did have some drama in his exit with Boston, but you have to look at what he did over the years for the organization.  He was definitely successful with the Red Socks and was experienced throughout and in the post season.  I just feel the Cardinals need a more seasoned coach to fill the LaRussa void.  Hopefully Matheny will mesh well with the organization as the new manager and keep the success rolling.  It will help having the majority of this past year’s roster coming back, but LaRussa was huge in making them a successful bunch together.  Maybe with the hiring of a lesser name as the manager we will have the money to keep Pujols in St. Louis.  If this is the case then I will be a little happier with the hire, but still a little unsure.  I guess time will tell.  I hope he does great for us and we can continue our successful ways in STL.  I am just a bit skeptical at this point, especially with the other options that are out there.

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