Zombie Apocalypse

As of late, I have been building up and stockpiling my resources for a possible zombie apocalypse. In addition to that I have started a workout regimen so that I have the endurance necessary to survive. Throughout this process I have also been considering the benefits that a public relations degree could bring me during that time. There are definitely certain skills that I have learned and developed in this PR program that I feel can help me as I fight off zombies.

In the midst of all the confusion there will be a need for people who can keep their heads in a time of crisis. Being able to communicate effectively through any means will be important as people come together to try and survive. With that, will also come the need to be able to relate to people that one has just met.

All of the people coming together will need to work in a team. The fact that I and others have been taught this important skill in school will give us a better chance of survival and may even put us in leadership positions. Once a group is formed, there will be a need for someone who is organized and who can lead in the brainstorming of ideas.

The skills mentioned before will be vital for anyone hoping to live past their first day in a world where zombies rule. I do understand that there may be additional skills that could help one survive, but I feel confident that with the knowledge and skills I have gained through studying PR I can survive anything. Now, I advise those who have not already, to take the necessary steps to becoming better prepared should this be the future we face.

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One Response to Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Keri Cerda says:

    While mostly amusing, I agree with your main idea that PR is applicable to so many different areas and situations. Communication is a vital skill that can be utilized in so many different fields. If you’ve ever had a class with Dr. Floyd, he’s always saying that communication is the most basic and fundamental thing there is. Without it there cannot be anything else.

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