The Hype About Hunting

This past Saturday was the opening day for deer season (for with rifles, that is).  While you can bow hunt for deer for a couple months out of the year, rifle season is only two weeks long.  Also, the majority of deer harvested each year come from rifle season.  For these reasons, rifle season is like the super bowl of hunting.  I don’t know one single hunter that does not hunt during rifle season for deer.  With this type of following, there is a lot of money to be made by companies who recognize the opportunity.  Companies like, Bass Pro Shop, Cabela’s, Dodge (yes, the car company), and Anheuser Busch make special advertisements that are focused towards deer hunters.

Being a part of this group of people, I know first hand how effective these ads are.  Anheuser Busch makes special cans of Busch beer that are hunter orange with camouflage on the sides, and what hunter is going to pass that up!?  I know I don’t.  Companies should always be looking for new and possibly obscure seeming ways of reaching their audiences.  These companies have targeted a direct group of people, and they prosper from it as a result.

Now if I could just get Garmin to get on board and invent a GPS chip that goes inside my bullet, so the deer are easier to track after being shot, my life would be much better.  I don’t really want that, because it would ruin the fun and the spirit of the hunt. =)


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3 Responses to The Hype About Hunting

  1. Oh hunting season. It’s like No Shave November and it were made for each other.

  2. amber0125 says:

    I wouldn’t advise drinking and hunting…but I don’t think that is what you meant haha. I’ve never been a hunter, but I do have to admit that there are certain commercials out there that really make me want to grab a gun and get myself some game. And by game I mean animals. These ads do seem to be effective in reaching their target audience and are often effective in reaching a different audience such as myself.

  3. ryanmarler says:

    I was airing up my tires at Casey’s the other day, and there was a Busch Light sign up that said stock up for opening day. I laughed pretty hard at that one for some reason.

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