LOST: Motivation

It is 11:45 p.m. on a Sunday night.  This blog is due at 8 a.m. Oops?  Seriously though, after the past two weeks and how crazy they were I have ZERO motivation to do anything.  I need that motivation to finish up this semester strong!  Ah, I blame Facebook, my friends, Twitter, Pinterest (if you are a girl and do not have one yet- GET ONE), and working way too much. 

Finals are in two weeks and what is my focus right now?  Vegas.  I am going to Vegas on Friday for the weekend with some girlfriends and I just want it to get here.  I know I should be focusing on finals, but I feel like I have got through this semester fairly well and will be okay when that big week gets here. 

I also feel, considering I have one more semester left, like slowing down time once this semester is over.  I do not want to leave the college life yet, I just don’t want all the stress.  However, if I am not stressed I freak out like something is wrong with me.  Confusing, I know.  Whatever, but is anyone else feeling unmotivated? Please share so I don’t feel like a total bum.

Also, thinking about classes and Bateman this next semester is starting to freak me out, oh and the last bit of PRSSA for the semester.  It feels like there is so much to do and we have so little time now.  IT IS NOVEMBER 13th people.

Have a good week, and sorry for complaining about nothing.


About cassieljackson

I am a senior at the University of Central Missouri majoring in Corporate Communication, with a minor in Public Relations.
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2 Responses to LOST: Motivation

  1. megromer says:

    I saw this anonymous quote this morning that said, “if you can’t see what’s wrong, then are you really feeling anything at all?”…it was scratched into the stall wall. Kind of funny that I stumbled across it and your blog all on the same morning. I am also in the senior slums, as I call it–finding it especially difficult to juggle everything: work, school, papers, job search, and my social life. And, I think being excited about your break is a good thing. Try not to think about school too much while you’re out of town.

  2. ryanmarler says:

    Good luck in Vegas. Hopefully you win big!

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