Conquering My Fears

For those of you that have met me, though most of you  probably haven’t, it’s generally noticeable that I am a quiet person. For those that haven’t met me, this is probably why. I don’t like talking, especially to new people. It takes a lot of time for me to actually talk to some one. I like keeping to myself, which is something of a hindrance when it comes to this field.

I think that the department and my professors have been really good at trying to break students out of their shell, and as we all pretty much heard from our Media Relations assignment, it’s beneficial to be willing to break out of your comfort zone. That is exactly what I have tried to to for the last few semesters. While I’m still not the most talkative in class discussions, I think my out-of-class assignments and extracurricular activities have shown improvement. For the MR assignment I chose to do a completely random person in a far from Warrensburg that I had absolutely no connection with. Two years ago I would never have done that. I would have waited as long as I could and then tried to find a friend of a friends or one of my parents’ friends that would kind of fit the description.

As for my extracurricular, I went from being a freshman that stayed in unless her roommate made her go to something to one of the executive board members for my Fraternity. I joined PSP to get to know people and I have started facing my fears of speaking in front of others. I give weekly reports at the E-Board and Chapter meetings. I did one of the speaking parts at our induction ceremony tonight.

What I think I’m trying to say is that if you’re like me and are don’t like speaking, or your issue is something completely different like not thinking your writing is very good, you should take what you’ve been taught in these classes and try to apply them to your life in different areas. There are only some many things that can be done in the classroom. If you want to improve your writing, ask to write a few things for the Muleskinner, or the Daily Star Journal or some blog that interests you. If you want to work on your relational skill (likeability), look in to various groups or campus organizations that could help you improve those. Take the initiative to improve yourself so that you aren’t (as) self-conscious about those things anymore.

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3 Responses to Conquering My Fears

  1. megromer says:

    Thanks, Keri. I also tend to be quiet, and people interpret it as me being unfriendly. I don’t consider myself to be unfriendly, but when you don’t talk to people, that’s what they assume. I have had to remind myself on several occasion that I need to talk and network, and make people feel welcome, and make my face/name memorable so that one day it might be for my benefit.

  2. I’ve noticed your improvement for sure, Keri! Especially at chapter meetings. 🙂 You go girl!

  3. yxl81090 says:

    Great post Keri! I am kind of shy too, and sometimes get nervous when I have to do a presentation in class. It’s harder for me because English is not my first language. I have to remind myself that “I can do that” as I was presenting. And getting nice feedbacks (like nodding and smiling) from my classmates helped me to build my confidence as well.

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