Four weeks to go. Finish strong.

It is around the time of the year that I have no motivation to do anything. And the weather is not helping.

Throughout years of being in school, I have heard about a lot of good tips and strategies to help with procrastination. Unfortunately, sometimes I get into the super-slump-mode that even thinking to make any positive changes seems too difficult. But school work has been driving me crazy and deadlines are coming at me, and I realized it is time to break out of a slump.

My first baby step – Inventory
– Yes, we all procrastinate in different styles. What is your major excuse from being productive?

My procrastination style:
1) Took a nap, talked to friends, watched some TV, but I just don’t want to do homework
2) Finally … time to finish the paper! No, let’s creep on Facebook first
3) Homework … Facebook… Homework … e-mail … Homework… food
4) Homework … Homework … Homework … then reward myself with food and TV; and now back to homework? NO!

Take one baby step at a time.
– We often have the fear of being buried with all the papers, test, and projects that we have to do. I believe we all had the experience of staying up late to take on finishing two papers or studying for a test. But it is the most common mistake we all make—we try to do too much at once. Choose one goal per day. If you feel good enough, do two. I think I am getting old to pay the price for an all-nighter.

Peer pressure could be a good use.
– Sometimes it is hard not to get distracted when accomplishing things alone. For me, as you see above, I get distracted by social media easily when I am alone. Find a friend to go on a library date with you. You will find guilt when you see him/her being productive while you are on Facebook!

Don’t give up.
– Stick with the motivation. Yes, I know, it seems difficult at times. I was so productive for a couple days, but now I am back to my normal slump days. You are not alone though. When you are having a hard time to get your day started, it could be because you are putting too much things on a to-do list. Aim one goal per day and build on small successes. Again, baby step, but keep walking.


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3 Responses to Four weeks to go. Finish strong.

  1. mwil89 says:

    Haha I needed to read this so bad! My life is like this currently and this blog was very useful for me, I really need some kind of motivation….

  2. ryanmarler says:

    I agree with this. But my best work seems to come when I procrastinate.

  3. samljohnson says:

    I have zero motivation left 😦 You can see that if you read my blog as well haha! I definitely like the one about using the buddy system though! Just make sure your buddy is motivated too otherwise you might both get distracted…

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