12 Steps to a Video News Release

I have never worked on any type of video news release (VNR) or electronic press kit (EPK) thus far in my public relations career. Starting Monday, I will be responsible for the organization and production of one. In lieu of this new adventure, I decided to do some pre-research on just what I am getting myself into. I looked through “The PR Style Guide” and was pleasantly surprised to find a 12 step guide. As review for myself, and anyone else who may need it, here they are:

1. A heading that will identify who, when and the length.

2. A “slug” which titles the main story.

3. The disclaimer that hands over rights of the footage for use by the news outlet.

4. A table of contents.

5. Specific time codes for important footage in the VNR.

6. A five- to 15-second slate that contains background information on the organization and story being presented by the VNR, it does not have an audio component.

7. The page slugs, found at the bottom of each page. If it is -###-, -30- or -end-, it signals the end of the page. If it is -more-, well then keep turning pages silly!

8. Slates identify the images that correspond with VNR elements.

9. Quotes from the news story, these are called sound on tape or SOT.

10. Any b-roll footage from the VNR.

11. Natural sound, or natsound, in the background of b-roll.

12. On the two slates at the end, contact information for those that were interviewed as well as how to obtain other formats of the video should be given.

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One Response to 12 Steps to a Video News Release

  1. mwil89 says:

    Nice, really interesting read, I’d like to keep it as a template to use if I never need to make one.

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