Preparation should Prevail over Procrastination

Usually I am disciplined at making myself post my blog prior to leaving for Kansas City every Thursday. Although my days in Warrensburg this week were highly motivated and efficient, this blog still slipped my mind.

That got me thinking about procrastination versus preparation. The two are antonyms really. Procrastination is the equivalence of unpreparedness.

In class, we shared our interview experiences with one another. In our class, the most common advice interviewees offered was to “Do your research and be prepared.” Personally, I can recall various experiences where I would walk into a class on test day, feeling one of two ways:

In the more preferred scenarios, I walk into the classroom, on time, headphones in (pulsing something mellow like some good ol’ Adele), heart rate at a cool, steady pace. I mentally recite information already in my repertoire, simply as a refresher, while I calmly pull out a pencil. Peeking behind-the-scenes of this experience would shed light on several study hours, countless flash cards, good sleep and usually a hearty breakfast. =) Such efforts leave me feeling fully confident and capable.

In contrast, I’ve experienced days where I fumble into the room late, frazzled and unfocused. I take my seat quickly, ready to engage in note-taking mode, only to realize I’m surrounded by others drudgingly filling in scantron bubbles. OH. CRAP. My hand plunges into my backpack for a pencil, with no avail. I lean over to a neighbor, “Can I borrow a pencil?” Needless to say I didn’t study for this test. I don’t even remember what test this was supposed to be, nor how everyone else seemed to know what was going on. Such lack of effort leaves me feeling inept and screwed.

If these practices (or, I suppose, practice and a lack of practice) can cause such emotion, physiological and psychological turmoil in the world of academia, how much more so can a professional context wreak havoc on my mind and body?!

Bombing a test isn’t the end of the world. But man, walking into work one day and realizing I had a major report due to the CEO I forgot to do–THAT would be the end of the world. Or at least the end of my career.

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One Response to Preparation should Prevail over Procrastination

  1. I sincerely doubt you would ever forget anything like that! The “real world” is nothing like college. In the “real world” you are given tasks and an allotted amount of time in which to complete them, but on an entirely different scale. In college, many times you have 4 projects in entirely different subject matters or areas due at various times. This is not to say that in the “real world” you are given tasks all in the same area, but you (usually) have one direct end result in a field you are comfortable with. 🙂 At least that’s what I tell myself..

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