World Series 2012

A day after the World Series began one of the most exciting times for most baseball fans. Every fans respected team is in contention to win next year, as well as being in contention to sign any big name free agent on the market. Although this is usually overblown, most fans do get lucky and have some excitement for their team.

As a die hard Royals fan (insert joke here) I am without a doubt excited for my teams chances of success for 2012. A young talented line-up with no starters over the age of 28 years of age sounds perfect to me. As well as a recent trade for starting pitcher Jonathan Sanchez, I am becoming more and more optimistic about what the Royals are capable of. Or am I? Let me be clear about this, I will always stick up for my beloved Royals, but I will never openly admit an expected success I have for my team, nor will I put a outlook on what “success” means. However, success can be measured in many different way.

The point of this article was mainly to speak of my excited for the upcoming MLB season, where many faces could be in different places. This of course means Albert Pujols will be with a different team, and Tony LaRussa will be hitting the golf course. 😉

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2 Responses to World Series 2012

  1. mmq99030 says:

    Maybe the Royals will do some awesome things next season. If not, we always welcome more Cards fans….

  2. scottspiegel says:

    Is it baseball season yet!? I already get jitters thinking about the potential we have (Royals). I think trading Melky away for Sanchez was a great move as Melky just came off of a career season. Also, I’m hopeful that we could pick up SP Mark Buehrle. Also, we will find out tomorrow if our very own Eric Hosmer is named rookie of the year!

    Here’s to baseball!

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