Gmail is Getting to Know You

Are you tired of spending countless hours of your life sifting through your Gmail address book, trying to decide to whom you want to send your emails? I guess it is not that great of a hinderance. But Gmail has still been working hard to fix the apparent issue.

With Gmail’s new “Smart Recipient” feature, users will now receive automated suggestions for the recipients of their emails. How does Gmail know? It now analyzes users’ email histories, then suggests who they should be sending their emails to, based on who they send messages to the most.

But that is not all. If Gmail suspects that you have typed the wrong address into your “Send To” list, an automated message will pop up with a clickable suggestions of a similar, more often used email.

While it sounds a bit trivial to me, I can understand why this new technological innovation will be useful to some. They could potentially help users to avoid awkward situations from sending messages to the wrong addresses.

I pride myself on being able to relate almost anything back to the Public Relations world, and this topic is no exception. Gmail’s new predictability feature goes to show how quickly technology is developing to make already simple tasks even more convenient. The feature can really help a busy practitioner send mass emails quicker, with less risk of addressing them to the incorrect person.

To find out more, check out the original article Gmail’s Smart Recipient on

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2 Responses to Gmail is Getting to Know You

  1. Technology is almost scary sometimes in its advancements. I can see how this would be a plus though. Interesting story!

  2. yxl81090 says:

    This is a great feature that could be a good use to some. But some people would also hate to have Gmail suggesting who they should send the e-mail to. I can relate this smart label feature to the auto-correct Apple has or the search suggestion Google provides. It’s annoying sometimes when technology try to do EVERYTHING for you, yet it is not smart enough to get things right and you have to do things all over again. Thanks for the sharing!

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