Taking that extra step, I hope it’s worth it!

This past week I attended the Greater KC PRSSA Day at the Kansas City Public Library.  It was a great opportunity to hear professionals speak about their journey to where they are now, and listen to all their advice.  It was like our PRSSA Pro Day, just with more professionals and for a longer period of time.  The career fair was a great way to introduce yourself to various organizations and gain business cards and internship and job information. 

I probably gained about 8-10 new business cards.  I took the time this evening to e-mail each professional and thank them for taking time this past week to talk to me and share information with me on their organizations and possible internships.  Considering I graduate in May, I felt like I needed to take that step to get my name recognized by them and follow-up.  I tried picking out a part of our conversation that we had and throwing that into the e-mail so they would remember my face. 

I have learned in classes and through PRSSA that is what we are supposed to do.  Even after interviews and other sorts of interactions, following up is extremely important and gets your name our there with a more positive image. 

It is so weird to think we do not have much time left in the semester, it flew by!  I am curious to know if any of you have any other ways you have followed up with potential employers (for jobs or internships) other than e-mails and/or a phone call.

About cassieljackson

I am a senior at the University of Central Missouri majoring in Corporate Communication, with a minor in Public Relations.
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2 Responses to Taking that extra step, I hope it’s worth it!

  1. Good for you!

    At the ESPN thing I attended the other week, that was a piece of advice I really took to heart also. She said, “even sending them a note, jotted by hand, does a lot for your connection.”

    Follow up is a sign of maturity and professional intention. Kudos.


  2. hannahkrhoad says:

    This is great! I really hope this helps you. I know there were several people there and by following up it is a great way for you to stand out.

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