Publicity gone wild!

Everywhere I have looked this past week has been nothing but Kim Kardashian and her 72 day marriage. There has been speculation that the marriage was a publicity stunt and that it was done just to get higher TV ratings but Kim has been saying the opposite.

Kim claims she initially got married because she was in “love” but then decided she just got married because she was caught up in the fairytale-ness of it all.  Whether or not it was a publicity stunt she got the attention she may or may not have wanted. All eyes are on her now and the critics have been brutal since the E! network dedicated a whole two-part, two hour special following Kim and her trip down the aisle.

I think that this is making a mockery out of marriage and has taken publicity stunts to a whole new level. The worst part is her husband didn’t find out from Kim that she had filed for divorce…he found out from TMZ!

What is Kim even famous for? Being rich and hot? You should not be able to obtain stardom just through your social status and now her sisters, who also shouldn’t be famous for anything, now have there own shows.

This needs to end!


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3 Responses to Publicity gone wild!

  1. megromer says:

    I am also trying to figure this out. How do some of these people get famous? Apparently somebody somewhere thought someone would be interested in her story. And they were right, because despite her lack of claim to fame, she definitely has followers. Lots of siblings have been brought into the spotlight for their famous older or younger siblings. It’s just a fact of Hollywood, I guess.

  2. kkoots says:

    I do think that it was a huge publicity stunt. I heard somewhere that they made over $100 million on their wedding. After the idea of divorce, Kim said that she was donating all the money to charity. I really hate celebrities and the huge obsession we have with them today, I mean of course these people are going to do ridiculous things, they have millions of dollars. Anyways, I think that it was all for the money and spotlight.

  3. I believe she is most famous for what most would NOT want to be famous for. Also a funny tidbit, Joel McAle of The Soup predicted a marriage of 75 days!

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