Mother Nature Sets an Example

On Saturday night as Daylight Saving Time steadily approached, I noticed the strange sound of my window rattling and realized the pictures on my desk were shaking a bit. My initial thought was, “Oh Lord there is a ghost in my room,” but as I thought more rationally I knew that was a little ridiculous. I stood staring for a good five minutes then walked to the living room where my dad asked if I had felt anything.

Watching the news a few minutes later, we realized we had experienced the faint tremors of an earthquake that occurred in Oklahoma not too long before. As the evening wore on, I received texts about what had happened and saw post after post on Facebook about the same occurrence.

All of this made me think about how powerful word-of-mouth advertising can be. Because of that, I think it is incredibly important for anyone, whether they be an organization or an individual, to make good impressions and pay attention to what their audience is saying.

It only takes one person to say something negative or positive about a product or organization or whatever for it to move much like the tremors of an earthquake that spread for miles in a matter of minutes. What people say can travel and influence many different people and should therefore be something that we as potential public relations practitioners should pay attention to.

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2 Responses to Mother Nature Sets an Example

  1. mwil89 says:

    For Sure! Things like texts and twitters and Facebook statuses really go viral. There is a group of internet trolls that will every so often say a celebrity is dead, and make everyone post about it and google search it, hours later it is one of the highest trending things on Facebook and google all from word of mouth even though its false information.

    Although I still think in your case it was a ghost and not an earthquake.

    Bloody mary. Bloody mary. Bloody mary.

  2. Very true! I rarely first hear news, on the news. It’s usually a text, Facebook, Twitter, what have you.

    My best friend was actually in California when the earthquake happened, which was funny because I’d been praying for there to be no earthquakes while she was there. Guess my prayers worked–moved it over to where we are! 🙂

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