Creating an Internship

So in my Sunday night(now Monday morning) rush to get everything done that I had been ignoring all week, I was trying to think of what to write my blog about. And as usual this involved many things, none of which were actually working on the blog. The one that seemed most important was something I should have been doing long before now.

The end of the semester is coming up soon, which also means next semester(my LAST) is soon approaching – and I have yet to do an internship. Bad Keri, I know. I have ONE class I need to take on campus next semester, so I’ve pretty much limited myself to the immediate area to find an internship and I haven’t left much time for it. I am in the process of writing a letter to convince someone to create an internship to give me, but I’m not sure what to include to make them think it’s a good idea to create a job where there isn’t one. So, I am soliciting advice for how to create an internship. (Or knowledge of any internships in the area, keeping in mind I’m a Corporate Comm major.)

So far I, in the letter, I have presented my interest in this area and a basic idea of what an internship might look like, but I need something that will make them thing ” That’s a great idea! Why haven’t we always been doing this?!” What are some points that I could make to make them want to create this posisiton for me? If you made your own internship, how did you do it?

Also should I e-mail the letter or send it the old fashioned way? Should I include my resume in it, or say that I can send it at their request? Any ideas or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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One Response to Creating an Internship

  1. megromer says:

    Keri, my apologies. I can understand your frustrations. I would make sure in your letter that you identify a need for the organization and explain to them how you could meet that need through your skills. If you are asking for pay, or hesitant to do so, you could start with requesting for remuneration for gas. Good luck!

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